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Annabel (pastel - hanging in London)
Annabel (pastel - hanging in London)
Jamaican Princess (pastel 16 by 20) - Enlarge
Sarah one heart (oil on panel 5 by 7)
Mary on the beach 20 by 24 (pastel)
Mud head 5 by 7
Mud head back Don (oil on panel 5 by 7)
Odin (oil on linin 14 by 16)
Stuart in Jamaica (oil on panel 14 by 18)
Tallualah Le Bon - hanging in London
Sarah in sunny day (oil on panel 5 by 7)
Short haired girl nude in thought painted in Nelson Shank's Studio 16 by 20
Tina first day Easter Jamaica
Henry in Straw Hat - hanging in Jamaica (oil on linen 30 by 40)
Gerome Green painting in Sunlight (oil on panel 11 by 17)
Mud head of Joanette Egeli (oil on panel 14 by 20) sold
Panama Girl (oil on Linen 14 by 14)
Santino's Mother (oil and linen 20 by 36)
Portrait on Silver of a Queen - Enlarge

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