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The Gallery 2013
The Gallery 2013
The Gallery January 2014
My Youngest Client
Painting in Chelsea London
Sophia painting in Israel
Nantucket 2010
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Sophhia 2011 by The Barn
Sophhia Rejnick painting Stuart 1
Sophhia Rejnick painting Stuart 2

Sophia Reznick, a Lithuanian native, was raised in New York and Europe. Reznick, taught, and lived, at the influential Hawthorne School from 2006-08. Stylistically, Henche and the Cape Cod School of Color are important influences. Her bold style of painting is, at times, reminiscent of Hawthorne.

Reznick has studied extensively with Cedric Egeli and Joanette Egeli and, in New York, with Nelson Shanks. Her exposure to these artists allowed Reznick to add a solidity to the explosion of color and light often found in her portraiture and landscapes. Reznick recently completed a portrait from a sitting with Prince Michael of Kent. Her impressive resume also includes a pastel portrait of Tallulah Le Bon, commissioned by Tallulah's father: the famous British singer, Simon Le Bon.

She paints in oil, either with a palette knife or brush. Her medium is primarily oil on board or canvas, pastel, watercolor and printmaking. But her interests and talents cover a wide swath of artistic endeavors: Reznick has even designed a stunning array of fashion accessories that were recently featured in a charity fashion show sponsored by Lady Ann. Her flowers, realistic looking orchid hair clips, have graced the hit show, "Sex and the City", the "Golden Globes," and highlighted the beauty of her clients, including such celebrities as Jennifer Lopez and Nelly Furtado.


Portraiture, and to a lesser extent, Landscapes, are the focus of this Artist's compelling vision. Reznick combines the techniques and values of Impressionism and Expressionism to create art that treats reality as a point of departure, or perhaps, a doorway into a deeper perception of beauty. A beauty that emanates from the inner world of the subject. The personality, the dance of emotions, the presence of the unique inner self of the sitter - all are revealed by Reznick's startling ability to convey what lies hidden beneath, and beyond, the surface of visual reality.


Sophia Reznick founded Signature Gallery in 2010. Besides her own work, her artists included Sage Feldman, John Clayton, Peter Gee, carvings by Sandy Sraughn and many other acclaimed artists.

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